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Kindred Recordings
Eduy E-mail

EduyFacebook: Eduy Soundcloud: Eduy

We would like to welcome Eduy from Bosnia : )

Edis Mehmedović a.k.a. Eduy is a Bosnian producer, dj and remixer based in Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been into electronic music for 10 years now, first as a dj in local clubs and later grew into a passionate producer. His music is signed by different record houses and a few more releases are coming out very soon. Eduy has also made a few outstanding remixes for different record houses showing deep tendency for originality.

Progressive and tech house are the styles that Eduy likes to create and combine,  his production is unique and shows a musical deepness which only a truly artistic mind can create. One can hear strong tech elements in his music fulfilled with gentle house tunes that together create endless possibilities of Eduy's musical production. Eduy has played with many DJs. He spends a lot of time creating new music where he sees success.

KINREC006 E-mail

Out now !

Renegade Of Amstrad - Sunrise / Music Forever
Release Date: Release Date: 30th May 2011

Out Now ! E-mail


Universal Solution - Nurture
Released: 10th May 2011

Haik Solar & Arni Rock E-mail

Haik Solar & Arni RockWebsite: Haik Solar & Arni Rock Facebook: Haik Solar
Facebook: Arni Rock

We would like to welcome  Haik Solar & Arni Rock from Armenia, they have coproduced a great vocal progressive house track with Leon Gris which is to be released soon.

Arni Rock (Vahe Akhperjanyan) - started studying DJing in 2001. It was a time when he decided to take his  love of electronic music to the new level. After playing at some parties he decided to continue his career as a DJ when  he will be able to mix not only the music of famous artists  but also his own creations. By that time the first female DJ in Armenia, Dj Vakcina had already noticed him and invited him to be a guest DJ on her weekly radio show "Club Time  with DJ Vakcina".

Starting from 2005 till present days Arni  Rock is representing his electronic music sets on radio: at  first on Radio Hay (105.5 FM) and present days Nor Radio  (90.3 FM).

Leon Gris E-mail

Leon GrisWebsite: Leon Gris Facebook: Leon Gris

We would like to welcome Leon Gris from Armenia, he has coproduced a great vocal progressive house track with Haik Solar & Arni Rock which is to be released soon.

Leon Gris is one of the most promising and requested DJs in Armenia who has a unique taste of music, which is confirmed by veterans of the Armenian club industry and international DJs. He started listening to Club music back in the late 90s, since 2003 he began to actively monitor the development in this direction, and in 2007 started his professional career as a DJ. He is one of the founders of the promo groups "New Glance" and "Space Energy".

In 2009, during the ceremony Geometria Awards (Yerevan), received the prize from the project "Geometria.ru'' the breakthrough of the year.

Josspad E-mail

JosspadWe would like to welcome Josspad, he has aquired a nice deep Detroit techno sound for all to hear very shortly.

Since the end of the 80s, Josspad ties a fusional passion with electronic music and more particularly with all the atmospheric tones inspired by Detroit and the sound dub of the label mythical Basic Channel of Berlin.

Nevertheless, his first vynil  will be a house track tinged with tones of TB303 " phuture / inside out " of DJ Pierre on the strickly rythm label, bought at bpm records, Paris in 1993. It will be the first one of a long collection mixing Chicago house and classics from Warp, Peacefrog,Fnac, R&S labels or even still Detroit’s Transmat.

Barce E-mail

BarceIt gives us great pleasure to welcome Barce from Palma de Mallorca in Spain. He has developed his own deep techno style groove, which he will be sharing with us very soon.

Luis Barceló was born on September 25, 1984. He grew up listening to 70's Rock and classical music that his father had instilled in him. Little by little he expanded his horizons, in this case influenced by his friends and his own instincts, while he finished his studies in audiovisual production.

Dimitri From Paris was the first DJ who made an impresion on him, and was slowly discovering the Disco music, Funk, House and therefore the Deep, Soul and Techno. This last gender, awoke a huge passion in him, more notably through the feeling that he discovered in the melodies of Vince Watson. You could say that the two cities which have made an impresion on electronic musica are Chicago and Detroit.

Kelias E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Kelias, he's just finished a spectacular remix of Kindred's Innovat3 "Electrotrash", which will be released in the near future.

Originally from Paris, Kelias discovered a passion for DJing from a very early age when he ran a series of raids on his mother's vinyl collection! Around the age of 15 he acquired his first turntables and turned to hip hop and more particularly to the "turntablism." A few years later he made his debut alongside DJ Hitch and JILL in DMC France who taught him the art of scratching ...

But it was in early 2000 that the "Electro" click "occurs in passing the gates of Amnesia (Cap d'Agde) a true temple of house music in the south of France, with the master the decks Philippe B (twistmydj ). From that moment Kelias has only one idea in mind: TO DANCE!

Kindred Recordings Online Store E-mail

Kindred Recordings Online StoreIt gives us great pleasure to annouce the opening of the official Kindred Recordings Online Store. There are various products available for men and women such as t-shirts, mugs and even underwear.

There are two types of logos to choose from and in various colours: blue, silver and grey. All logos are reproduced on the items in high resolution 400 dpi image format.

We use the latest printing technology known as digital direct printing, which is most suitable for multicolored designs with complex details.

Alessio Arcangeli E-mail

Alessio ArcangeliIt gives us great pleasure to welcome Alessio Arcangeli from Italy.

Over the past 10 years Alessio has been making sounds in every possible way: playing both white and black notes of a piano, slapping bass strings, creating beats, spinning records as well as working as a radio speaker and dj.

His style ranges from the deepest shades of house to the funky and jazzy grooves he’s always been loving. Matter of fact his music has been supported by the likes of King Britt, Funk D’Void, Ashley Beedle, The Timewriter, Francesco Farfa, Satoshi Fumi and Steve Mill to name but a few.

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