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Kindred Recordings
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Genoveva E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Genoveva Kachurkova from Skopje, Macedonia. Genoveva has teamed up with Alveol from Sweden to produce two gorgeous tracks soon to be released on Kindred Recordings featuring six unique remixes from KR's inhouse artists.

Visit Genoveva's SoundCloud for further information :)

Simon Bryant E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Simon Bryant from Kent in the UK. Having come from a musical family, it is no surprise that Simon has entered into the music scene himself. From learning the violin through most of his childhood, at the age of 18 Simon's already ridiculously broad taste of music led him to begin producing ambient tracks under the guise 'Aconcagua' after being involved in several bands as a bass guitarist for around 7 years.

At the beginning of 2006, Simon was so in love with the sound of EDM, in particular with trance at the time, that he decided to hang up the guitars and begin DJing. After a year, Simon was appearing at local clubs all over local scene before securing bookings in London's smaller clubs and more intimate venues. He then went on to appear at clubs all over the UK from Bournemouth to Birmingham over the next year or so before landing a residency for london house night Strawberry Sessions which also led him to perform at the famous Ministry of Sound.

Cubosity E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Cubosity aka J. Feldman from San Francisco, CA. After hearing Universal Solution's fantastic remix of Josh's  "Magnetic", we discovered Josh's  own breathtaking work and decided that we should release a remix EP.

J. Feldman has been creating future-forward dance music since 1991. Born, raised and currently based in San Francisco, CA, his influences range from New Order, Everything But the Girl, Kraftwerk, John Barry, Eurythmics and Blue Six to Yagya. His original music has been featured in a variety of motion graphic projects and in the video game Havoc. He's been profiled in the New York Times and has been recognized by Wired Magazine. His latest project is Cubosity: atmospheric house music with meaningful lyrics, featuring the vocals of M. Walls.

Arsevty E-mail

AsevtryWe would like to welcome Arsevty from Orenburg, Russia, to our array of artists. Arsevty recently sent us a demo, we were very impressed by his work and noticed his special talent for atmospheric deep progressive house.

Arsevty is one of those DJs and composers who are imbued with the spirit of adventure, fun and a fantastic love of music! Arsevty began his career in, Orenburg in 2011. It was there, his first listeners appeared, while he cultivated his main direction: progressive house, trance. He performed in clubs in Orenburg: Vual, Pierre Diamond. His mixes give birth to a crowd at after parties, which was remembered by everyone for its atmosphere.  He now writes spatial compositions that take their plunge into the world!

Merimell E-mail

It gives us great pleasure to welcome our first female dj & producer who has developed her own unique techno orientated style.

Born in Tartu, a city in South-Estonia, she is the only acknowledged female techno DJ in Estonia at the moment. She has learned to play instruments like guitar, violin, drums and piano, played in a chime orchestra, sang in choirs and performed at small events.

At some point she realised that something is missing – so the road took her to underground places, where she fell in love with techno.
Immediately she knew her call and began to learn tech-house, techno, minimal and more progressive styles. Merimell has also won the first price at the South-Estonian Young DJs Festival (2009) and the 3rd price at Ravecast DJ Contest 2010.

Patrick Eden E-mail

Patrick EdenPatrick Eden aka Patrick Kutzlebe was born in Leipzig, Germany in 1977. In 1992, he began listening to electronic music, then in 1997 he came into contact with the DJ scene and played at various parties. His former musical direction in those days was orientated around breakbeat and jungle, then In 2003 he joined the "es/160" DJ team from Leipzig.

He performed several gigs as a live act together with Marcus Masuhr, their music ranged from hard techno to minimal with a few melodic parts,
unfortunately Patrick encountered many obstacles in his musical career and was forced to leave it all behind.

He currently resides in Erfurt since 2008 and founded a family with his girfriend Christine and son Ferry.

Kogyo E-mail

KogyoMike Mihaylov is a deep and ambient related music producer working under the pseudonym Kogyo, living in Austria. His unique deep ambient dub tech sound will be released on Kindred Recordings in the form of  a full album and will be available on CD as well as digital formats in the near future. He had his first contacts with music as a child. Mike attended years of private lessons and learned to play several analog and electronic instruments.

Mike has played in a teenage band (singer, keyboards) and also spent a long time in the  school orchestra. He was an avid listener of Jean Michel Jarre, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Supermax. After a long artistic break, he began 2010 with his passion to make music, inspired from deep techno, ambient and dubtechno. Kogyo loves to experiment with synthesizers, filters and sounds, presenting new moods and soundscapes by combining various elements in his works. Music is his passion.

Ablekid E-mail

SoundCloud: Ablekid

We would like to welcome Ablekid from Austin, USA to our array of artists,  he is a well and truly "Ablekid" when it comes to producing progressive house.

Daniel Moore a.k.a. Ablekid, received his introduction to EDM in 1989 at the tender  age of 15 when he attended Visage Nightclub in Orlando for the first time. It was a pretty gothic dance scene but Industrial was turning into Techno quickly back then. The in 1991 he went to Aahz......

"If they only heard about it and didn't see it then there's no way in a million years that they'll ever be able to understand," - Kimball Collins @ Aahz Nightclub. These special nights along with even more special music laid the seeds for the future that was to come.

About Kindred E-mail

Kindred Recordings is an electronic dance music project that was founded in Paris at the start of 2010 by Christian Lang as a creative outlet to the world. The Kindred Logo was made by the very talented Mokuzo, a creative graphics guru who lives just a stone throw away from the Kindred HQ.

We have an international vision, our belief about music being a universal language means  that it's understood by anyone from any country, it's a worldwide communication.  Future artists on the label will have the chance to have their profile featured on the website and acquire maximum exposure from our strong promotional strategy. Our friendly, well cultured A&R team will be receiving great pleasure listening to your demos !

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